Iceland – The Best Place for a Magical Winter Weekend

There are plenty of classic European destinations for weekend getaways over the winter season. People often flock to Paris, Rome or Barcelona for the warmth to be found in great food and culture; cities in Germany and Belgium are popular for their festive markets and Christmas atmospheres. But Even pasta, romance and German markets get
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Unusual Attractions in Iceland

If you’re searching for a unique and adventurous holiday, Iceland could be the perfect choice. Famed for its hot springs, volcanic landscape and lively night-life, there’s something to keep everyone happy. Here’s some of the best and most unusual experiences to be had. Visit a geothermal field As a result of its high volcanic activity, Iceland is
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Water On The Rocks

A Review of Incase’s DSLR Pro Pack

I’ve been in need of a new camera bag, and after serendipitously was offered to review a bag or pack from Incase. They have tons of stylish bags, mainly around the idea of connected-and-on-the-go. I ended up getting their DSLR Pro Pack, because it’s listed as their biggest camera specific backpack. I looked at their
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The Greek Dream Courtesy of Hummus

Looking up, the first thing to capture your attention are the white-washed houses on the hill-side. All working together to create a white collage of sorts on the face of the hill. Life can be seen to be vibrantly in motion on that very hillside. The taste of the slightly salty air is on your
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The Orange Experience 2015

It all began with a casual drink in a bar in one of five lucky locations. The ideal drink: A nice cold Heineken. The bartender then handed an orange envelope to the lucky person with the question “Would you want an Orange Experience to go with that?” This was the question that opened the door
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Unexpected Travel Destinations: Belgrade

When you start traveling, people expect you to visit the usual tourist destinations: Paris, London, Tokyo. When I suggest that world travelers should make sure to visit Belgrade, most people have to ask me where that is. Belgrade, called the “White City,” is the capital of Serbia. If the city is in the public consciousness
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