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In My Beginning is My End… and the Road Forks

This is a long one, but if you've been a reader for a while... it's worth it. Last time I wrote things were in a weird place with many hospital visits and a drunken confused state that I just couldn’t

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The Lies Society Tells Us.

Society lies to us. They tell us that life is going to college, getting married, buying a house, filling it with things, and slaving away at a corporate job. I’m here to tell you differently.

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11 First Steps to Becoming a Minimalist.

Do you want to stop spending your money on useless crap and begin simplifying all aspects of your life? These 11 first steps will get you going in the right direction to becoming a minimalist.

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How One Text Message, Changed my Life Forever

Health insurance in America is broken. In 2003 I was involved in a bad car wreck that changed my life. Read more about my back story and my struggle with health insurance.

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27 Ways to Kick Fear’s ASS!

Where is Jenny? asked 27 bloggers to give us their best advice on dealing with and overcoming fear. Find out how to craft a plan, make a decision, take a small step, acknowledge fear, and more.

The Dark Side of Travelling


Tweet Travelling is wonderful. But how often do we think about the darker side of the countries we travel in? We might see a sign in an airport or a story on the news about human trafficking. We feel bad for a moment, and then we forget about it and get back to our lives. What would happen if someone you know was human trafficked? Could you still forget about

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New York City: The pulsing energy that started a dream


Tweet The first and only time I visited New York City I was 16 years old and stayed for just 36 hours. I was there for my older sisters wedding reception. She did one of those eloped wedding things that no one was invited to. So I was there with family to celebrate her marriage in this tiny apartment in the heart of New York City. New York City was

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Chasing Love thru Asia: Detained at Changi International Airport – Singapore


Tweet Saying Goodbye When our time came to an end on our last day together in Singapore I walked Paolo to the entrance of the crusie ship port. He quickly embraced me, gave me a kiss, and nervously said good-bye before disappearing into the crowd and returning to work. We would see each other again in just 2 days in Bangkok, Thailand, a place we have both already been together. He would travel

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Chasing Love thru Asia: Our story begins in Singapore

Come on now!

Tweet Last time I wrote I talked about how life took off in a new direction for me and I found love in Chiang Mai. It’s been one hell of a ride. That’s for sure. (If you missed out you can get caught up here).  Anyways… It’s been 59 days since I last saw Paolo and said goodbye to him at the Bangkok airport in Thailand. He was flying to Dubai where

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In My Beginning is My End… and the Road Forks


Tweet This is a long one, but if you’ve been a reader for a while… it’s worth it. Last time I wrote things were in a weird place with many hospital visits and a drunken confused state that I just couldn’t shake. I was a bit lost and confused to say the least, but it was the beginning of the end… It took a lot of work and I’m not cured

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The Rise and Fall of Where is Jenny

lanterns in Thailand

Tweet Hi. I haven’t been here in ages really and I didn’t just want to jump back into things without saying a word acting like I’ve been here the whole time. Although, I have to admit, I was pretty damn tempted. Do you guys even remember me? ; ] Anyways, I’ve been gone for a reason. A lot happened in my life, some of it completely unexplainable. I’ve talked about

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