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Welcome National Geographic Viewers!

Hi. I’m Jenny. Thanks for tuning into my episode of Flea Man on the National Geographic channel. I’m happy to know that you enjoyed my story and came to visit my website. I’m guessing my insane travel plans peaked your interested in my story because you too, love to travel. At the end of this post, I will give you a way to get 4 free flights per year, guaranteed. Then you can get on to some worldly adventures yourself! If you think our paths might cross or want to give me your thoughts or questions about the show or travel, be sure to drop me an e-mail at jenny [at] whereisjenny [dot] com (Don’t forget to remove the brackets, I add them to keep the bots from spamming my e-mail.) I love meeting up with my readers around the world. You can find out my current location by liking my FaceBook Fan Page and/or following me on Twitter @whereisjenny. You can also subscribe via e-mail to get posts and exclusive content delivered right to your inbox.

Filming Flea Man

I broke up with my boyfriend, gave up my dogs, sold everything I owned, and left my apartment in December of 2010. The house in the episode was my parents where I was helping them declutter as well as getting rid of the rest of my childhood items stored there, which is what you saw on Flea Man. I’ve been on the road for 205 days traveling through the United States! Life on the road has been an epic adventure!! I’ve crossed a few more off my bucket list and met some amazing people.

As you already know the flea market was a bust. Our 6 am call time was extended to 10am, because of all the ice and snow on the roads. We didn’t even make it in time for that either because it took the entire crew over 4 hours to get to Canton (normally a 1.5 hour drive.) The van that had my items for sale flew off the road TWICE, had to get towed out, and didn’t arrive until after 1 PM. After set-up we only had a few hours to sell and shoot before we had to pack up and be out of the building before 6 PM.

In Canton at the Flea Market

In fact, I don’t think I would have made any money if it weren’t for the pull I got from having a camera crew following me around.  I baited a few interested customers by telling them if they bought something from my table they could get on National Geographic. I had about a dozen people total stop by to look at my booth. Seriously. It was that slow. I’m not sure that tactic worked though because many of them really wanted to avoid the camera. Several mentioned fear of Social Security getting word that they were there. Seriously though… who wants to drive on icy roads to go to the flea market anyways? And BTW the host Jimmy Kaplow doesn’t count!

I really wish my episode would of had a more positive ending, but I can’t control the weather. All in all it was a great experience. Not only was the crew awesome, but I realized just how much I love being in front of the camera. :] If you want to hear about how I got cast, go here.

Mapping out my route

During my 205 days traveling all through the United States on my skateboarding road trip I hit Austin, El Paso, Albuquerque, Phoenix, San Diego, Los Angeles, San Fransisco, Portland, Seattle, Vancouver (Canada), Salt Lake City, Denver, and a bunch of cities in between. So far I’ve managed to rack up 13,687 miles so far, was tear gassed at the Vancouver Riots (I was good, my hostel was right in front of the riot zone), and crossed 10 items off my bucket list.

What’s Next?

In August I’ll be heading over to Europe to partake in the Ultimate Train Challenge with 5 other bloggers racing for miles from Lisbon, Portugal to Saigon, Vietnam over 30-days. This is an insane goal to accomplish given that it’s likely well over 12,000 miles, 15 countries, and I have to deal with mishaps, train schedules, and border crossings. Not only that I intend to leave my route entirely up to my readers with one exception: Dijon, France. My sister lives there and I’d love to visit France for the first-time and see my nephews in their home country for a change.

Afterwards, I’ll be traveling in South East Asia for a while and then head over to Djibouti in Africa to visit my friend. That’s FOUR continents this year (leaving Antarctica as the only continent I haven’t hit)!  For my 30th birthday on October 13th I have something super epic planned, but want to reveal that when more details have been finalized. Trust me. It’s epic.

Rockin' the drums

Next month I’ll be launching another blog, Never North, that will help you find your passion, learn how to turn it into a business, brand it, and live the epic life you’ve always dreamed of. Fun Fact: I’ve never had a real job. I believe everyone has a skill they can market online to earn money and be their own boss. Being your own boss means you get to design your life exactly the way you want it to be. No shitty job or lame bosses around telling you what to do anymore. You’re in control.

Since you’re new here you should check out my About Me page to learn more about my story. Where is Jenny? is a travel blog focused on travel tips, inspiration, destinations, and my debauchery around the world.

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Jenny is rebooting her life. She is leaving everything behind to backpack the world as a digital nomad. She doesn’t know when, where, or if she’s coming home.

  • http://islandmomma.wordpress.com Linda

    Nice to read you sounding so bright and positive.  Wish I could have seen the show!  Lots of luck with the new blog.

    • http://www.whereisjenny.com Jenny

      Thanks!!! I’m in a whole new mind-set now.

  • http://www.MyBeautifulAdventures.com/ Andi Perullo

    You have so many awesome upcoming adventures, I’m sooo excited for you!!!  Can’t wait to see you on TV!

    • http://www.whereisjenny.com Jenny

      Thanks Andi!

  • Fred

    The best part had to of been the look on your face when you watched that lady holding the Nirvana box set. One of 2 things had to of been going through your head, either “Hurry up and buy the damn thing” or “seriously? your gonna go home and listen to this”. Just as a side note, the other ladies were not annoying at all *as if

    • http://www.whereisjenny.com Jenny

      OMG I have a hilarious story about those ladies! They were crazy and super annoying.

  • Jenny

    Hey Jenny- you should totally come to Cologne, Germany and crash at our place! The Ultimate Train Challenge sounds like a lot of fun! 

    • http://www.whereisjenny.com Jenny

      Hey Jenny! I will let you know if I’m in your area. My plans have changed though. I’ve decided not to do the train challenge because of my surgery. I need to stay here in Austin to finish up my physical therapy. My recovery took a bad turn. I will be heading somewhere in Sept/Oct though and will hit up Africa in December. How is your German?

      • Jenny

        That’s too bad about your recovery :( I guess you have to do what’s best for your body. The train challenge would have been cool, though. Definitely let us know if you’ll be in our area! German is definitely a challenge, but I’ve made a lot of progress. Still taking classes :) Let me know if you know of any way we could see the Flea Man episode over here! Looking forward to your next post!

  • http://www.colorfulplaces.com Bluegreen Kirk

    Sorry about the show but it still sounds like it was a great experience for you!  I can’t believe you are going on that Ultimate Train Challenge with over 12k miles!  Maybe I missed something but weren’t you having problems with your back or did that get taken care of? If you do go have fun with the family while you are in France!

    • http://www.whereisjenny.com Jenny

      It was a great experience to work with tv peeps! I dropped out of the train challenge the day after this was posted. I didn’t plan to, but I need to stay and finish my physical therapy in Austin before I go. I had major surgery on my shoulder and I won’t be able to carry my backpack for another 2 months, if that. Now, I’m not sure what my plans are.

      • http://www.colorfulplaces.com Bluegreen Kirk

        Ok I knew I remember some surgery needing to be done.  I think its for the best I was getting a little worried.  Need to get that therapy in and I am sure you will come up with something to do thats exciting.

        • http://www.whereisjenny.com Jenny

          Yes I had the surgery on June 30th. I’ve been in Austin attending physical therapy and will have some training in September on how to manage pain.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Joshua-Johnson/100001526442445 Joshua Johnson

    Props to you Jenny! Good luck on the train race madness and hit me up for sandwiches next time you are in Seattle!

    • http://www.whereisjenny.com Jenny

      Thanks. I dropped out of the train challenge last week. I decided that physical therapy was more important. See you next time I’m in Seattle. :]

  • http://ryangoesabroad.com Ryan

    Yee haw! Great story from an adventurer… Cheers, Jenny!

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    hay jenny your welcum great story i like it a lot

  • Danielroyse

    Hi Jenny, 
    I saw the Flea Man trailer….very cool!  Congrats.  

    Let us know if you ever feel like doing some pro-bono
    writing work.  We’re always looking for
    new writers.





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  • http://chrissytravels.com/ Chrissy Travels

    Thanks for the great info! I’ve been on the road since August 2010. all tips on how to keep it going are much appreciated!!

    • http://www.whereisjenny.com Jenny

       Chrissy. Awesome! I wouldn’t have it any other way either!  I’d be happy to answer any questions you may have that I can help with, but you’ll have to be more specific.