New York City: The pulsing energy that started a dream

The first and only time I visited New York City I was 16 years old and stayed for just 36 hours. I was there for my older sisters wedding reception. She did one of those eloped wedding things that no one was invited to. So I was there with family to celebrate her marriage in this tiny apartment in the heart of New York City.

New York City was my first real glimpse into a world that was different than the one I grew up in. At 16-years old I had hardly ever left my backyard, that’s just how our family rolled. My travel experience was a week long school camping trip to Oklahoma, my grandparents house in Louisiana, a family vacation in Arkansas, and Disneyland when I was like 5 years old. So New York City was something vastly different than anything I’d ever seen before.

New York City has appeared in countless movies so when I arrived I had this preconceived idea of what it would be like. I grew up with movies like Home Alone so there were a few things I was really excited to see like central park or a broadway play.

I arrived wide-eyed and excited for what my eyes saw. It was the first time I really felt a city. You can tell a lot of things by the way a place feels. Since then I’ve traveled to over 24 countries and countless cities. It was in New York City that I learned that every city has a pulse, a vibe, a unique feeling that only that city can give you. New York City was my first taste and I’ll never forget the way it felt.

Now, because I was there for a wedding reception and for only 36 hours I didn’t get to do much of anything. Since then, I’ve dreamed of going back to New York City to experience the things that only New York can offer.

Central Park

I’ve seen Central Park in countless movies and tv shows. I think being in nature in the middle of one of the world’s biggest cities is an experience few places can offer. In the heart of Manhattan you can find 840 acres of natural peace while being surrounded by skyscrapers.  After sitting in traffic in a taxi, listening to the sounds of a thousand cars honking, and making your way through hundreds of people on the sidewalks you can find refuge from the busy city in Central Park. A green corner of breath and escape full of lakes, clearings, bridges, streams, and trail.

Times Square

Every year I’ve watched the ball drop on Times Square on tv. Most New Yorkers say they don’t go to Times Square on New Years Eve for a variety of reasons, but I think it’s an experience I want to have at least once. Times Square stretches from the junction at  Seventh Avenue to West 42nd to West 47th Streets and is identified as, “The Great Crossroads of the World.” It’s a major center of the worlds entertainment industry, one of the world’s busiest pedestrian intersections and is one of the most visited tourist attractions in the world hosting over 90 million visitors annually.

A Broadway Show

I’ve heard tons of things about the Broadway classics like The Lion King, Chicago, Romeo and Juliet, Phantom of the Opera, and Annie. It’s about time I went to see one myself! Broadway is known worldwide as the heart of the America theatre industry. You can find all kinds of theatrical performances in each of the 40 theaters in the area. After reading the reviews I’d definitely like to see Stomp. Stomp is a percussive dance where performers take ordinary objects and create auditory goodness.

Body Worlds: Pulse at the Times Square Discovery Center

In Houston, TX I was lucky enough to see Body Worlds 3 when it came through town. It was one of the coolest museum visits I’ve ever seen and extremely educational. However, it’s not something for the faint of heart because you’re essentially looking at plasticized dead bodies. The Body Worlds: Pulse exhibit gives you the opportunity to view, as it were, our internal landscapes.

Have some Amazing Meals

I’m a foodie. I love me a good meal and especially some decadent desserts. Since I’m obsessed with Gordon Ramsey, I’d love to eat at one of his restaurants like, The London Bar. Paolo loves vegetarian food so he found Angelica Kitchen where 95% of products are derived from organic and not served more than 48 hours after collection. Besides these well-known places I would love to find a few of those hole in the wall places where you can get a delicious meal for cheap!

In my research on New York I found something called, ‘The New York Pass.’ This is a 7-day pass for $195 that gets you into over 70 of the top attractions in New York City. This would allow me to see several museums, Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island, Intrepid Museum, Madame Tussaud’s, behind the scenes at NBC studios, the hidden sidewalks of Greenwich Village, Wall Street, backstage to Radio City Music Hall, bike rental for Central Park and more. It would definitely keep me busy all week long and we’d have a ton of blog posts to go along with it.

I think when New York is ready to have me… I’ll have plenty of things to do. Until then, I’ll be dreaming of the day when I can feel the pulse of this amazing city once again.

Jenny is rebooting her life. She is leaving everything behind to backpack the world as a digital nomad. She doesn’t know when, where, or if she’s coming home.

  • Screek

    I’m looking at your site more or less everyday at work, however i’m sad you don’t update it more often as i really enjoy reading this blog :) keep it up, however update it more! i want mmmoooorrrree!!! 😀

  • Travefy

    Great ideas. Also, the Intrepid is much more exciting now that it has a space shuttle.

  • piti

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  • Clippingimages

    So nice and graceful…..the beautiful natural view is captured very nicely……a brilliant combination like all in all…

  • Phil @ VacayBuddy

    I live half a block from Central Park, and it is still weird walking from the craziness of the concrete jungle to an oasis of a Park. If and when you go, be sure to check out some of the less traveled spots for a true NYC experience.

    Have dinner on the lower east side, stroll through Riverside Park, drinks at the Frying Pan, and a trip to downtown Brooklyn or Williamsburg are a must!

  • Mary Jane Hayes

    Hi Jenny. I definitely understand what you mean by the “pulse” of a city. I think it’s what the Native Americans would call the “spiritual landscape.” You can feel it in the air, but it’s not something that you can define.

  • Armida Trentino

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  • The Wander Girls

    One other point to add is how awesome public transport is in New York. You can get to pretty much everywhere using the subway! An evergreen favorite for women wanderers!