Travel Magic Tricks: How to Save Money on Airfare Prices Without the Headache

Just like you, I love to travel and I am always looking for ways to stretch my budget and add extra awesomeness to my trips. Saving money by  will allow you to spend it elsewhere, such as, gorging out on gelato in Italy. 😀

So today, I will show you how to find cheaper flights using a little “Magic.”

After accruing some experience, it is easy to get a hang of most travel planning aspects and keep things simple in order to make ends meet. However, buying airplane tickets is usually not one of them.

Most of us know people who somehow manage to find super cheap flights and we wonder, “How do they do it?” Even though I’ve been traveling around for years, it takes me hours of searching to find the best airfare prices and my time is not always justified for the amount of money I saved.

Airplane costs are an important part of the planning process and sometimes, finding the least expensive ticket can feel like a confusing and daunting process due to the vast amount of information available out there.

Most travel sites are great. They make the process of finding tickets convenient and simple. But sometimes, the amount of options can be overwhelming. To be honest, I don’t care about having all the options available to me, I just want the cheapest flight, that’s it. Having to think about all these tricks like time of day, using an incognito browser, or which city to have a layover in, give me a headache!

If you are anything like me, you have probably tried a few different sites like Expedia or Kayak and end up with airfares that look very similar. Somehow, I secretly feel like all those sites are looking at the same places. So why even bother? I need something different.

Here is the typical process. You go to a big site, search for your flight and after getting all the results, you start doing your own version of “travel alchemy” and play around with filters, dates, airlines, layovers, and so on. You eventually go back and forward, adjust search criteria, search again, repeat the process, and end up tired and confused with a severe “information overload hangover.”

Then, repeat the same process on a different site and end up feeling even more overwhelmed with a new set of prices that look the same.

However, I had always wished for a site that made it easy to find cheap flights even if they have a layover. I’m a traveler. I just want a cheap flight, that’s it.

As they say, “good things come for those who wait.”

I recently found out about something that takes things to a whole new level of simplicity just where it matters, finding affordable flights.

Magic Fare is a tool offered by JetRadar.com, a website that specializes in low cost airfare by searching prices from over 500 airlines and dozens of travel sites. (How can you not love the cute little wizard on that site!)

Magic Fare’s promise is simple: “Save up to 30% on flights with a layover.”

I was curious about how they can make that happen and according to their website, there are many reasons why airfare prices vary. Some of these reasons include:

  • Airline partnerships
  • Discounts on commissions
  • Currency conversion rates
  • and even things like layover time

It’s not that I am madly in love with layovers, but if I have to choose between having a layover and spending an extra week in Thailand. I will choose Thailand every time or gelato. Because gelato.

This fun video explains the idea in a different way. It’s all about magic (I have to get me a wizard hat like that one):

It all sounds interesting, but to be honest I have always been a little skeptic about magic. So I decided to put Magic Fare to the test.

Putting Magic Fare to the test

Paolo and I are planning to go on vacation somewhere in Europe over the next few months and afterwards cross back over to either Asia or Central/South America, so does this “magic fare” actually give me the lowest price?

We’re currently in Rome, Italy so that’s where I’ll be searching from.

My first step is a simple test, I searched for a flight from Rome to Amsterdam using Expedia, Kayak, CheapOair and Jet Radar.

Here is what I got:

The cheapest ticket found by Kayak was $252


Expedia found a ticket for $264


CheapOair found one at $262


And Jet Radar found a ticket for $203.

That’s about 20% less than the closest competitor. Any other search criteria I used found a similar result although a few were more minor savings like $10 or so. I am starting to believe in magic.


After the initial test, I decided to run a bigger test and search for a flight from Rome to Miami. This is what I got:

The lowest price found by Kayak was $1023

1 - Screenshot-Kayak-Rome-to-Miami-2014-06-19

Expedia found one for $1788


CheapOair offered one ticket at $1032


Jet Radar managed to find a ticket for $940.

That is about 10% less than the closest competitor and almost 50% less than the most expensive one.


Not all flights on Jetradar are magic fares and you can tell the difference by the little red triangular magic icon in the corner. Europe has a lot of cheap airfares so I was unable to find a magic fare from Rome within Europe, but I did find several magic fares to the middle east, asia, and the united states that were far less than the competition also. They didn’t fit with my travel plans for this test so they were not used for this article although the savings were much more significant.

So, what is the verdict?

I believe in Magic!

Jet Radar is easy to use and it works. It is designed to find cheap flights and it does that very well. They came up as the cheapest for every search I tried from Rome across the board, which is kind of unbelievable to be honest.

So finally, after waiting all this time; someone made a tool to simplify the process of finding cheap airplane tickets.

Harry Potter would be proud.

So next time you want to save money on airfare, spare yourself the “information overload hangover” or simply feel like seeing the world; be sure to give Jet Radar’s Magic Fare a try and see those prices shrink in the blink of an eye.

This post was brought to you in part by JetRadar, but all opinions are my own. I will be using this search engine in the future to find cheap airfare.

  • http://www.EricaDHouse.com/ Erica House

    Definitely bookmarking JetRadar to try out when booking my next trip. Thank you!

    • http://www.nevernorth.com/ Jenny

      I just want a cheap ticket and to not have to spend hours finding it!!! Let me know how it works for you. 😀

  • Richard Em

    Jenny. I noticed you talked about Magic as a search engine for cheap flights. I put it to the test for a flight from London heathrow to Kualar Lumpur. I ran the test against another search engine called sky tracker and found a difference of almost £40 cheaper on the latter. Try it yourself and see if you get same results. Kindest regards from another traveller.


    • http://www.nevernorth.com/ Jenny

      I haven’t used skytracker. The flights I tested came up cheaper on Magic Fare when I did the tests, but no search engine is going to always have the cheapest flights for all combinations.

      I’m not looking for the cheapest flight every time either… I’m looking for a quick experience that saves me not only time, but money also. Spending hours going through all the search engines comparing flights took me hours to save what usually ends up being $50.

      My time is better spent working on my business or eating gelato and that’s what’s more important to me.

  • Lily Lau

    Hello Jenny! Your magic tricks are way too useful to miss them! I’ll recommend them in my blog http://lazypenguins.com/ if you don’t mind :)

  • http://www.calabriatheotheritaly.com/ KareninCalabria

    Hi Jenny, I had to laugh, as you described my hunt for low airfares to a T! I also take the additional step of comparing the low-cost flights that aren’t on kayak and others if there’s an option in the market. Total exhaustion! Thanks for the Magic tip. I’m going to give it a try on my next search.

  • http://www.naomiinwonderland.com Naomi

    Ohhh this is so interesting! Thanks for sharing this, I’ve been using Kayak for yeaaars, just like pretty much all the other airline companies and so on

    xo Naomi in Wonderland